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When seeking out debt management services it is important to approach a company that is reliable, professional and of course experienced. If you are going through tough financial times then it is important that you are assisted by those in the know. Unfortunately there are a vast number of people in South Africa who are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their monthly financial commitments, and so must turn to the services of a debt counsellor or the likes there of.
Debt management services usually include debt consolidation, debt negotiation, credit repair and debt counselling. All these services are designed to assist consumers who may find themselves over indebted. By not seeking out assistance, the consumer could find him or herself being handed over to a debt collection agency or even having legal action taken against them.

This is why it is advised to stop avoiding those calls and seek out assistance of a debt manager or counsellor should you find yourself weighed down by endless bills and expenses. You will find that an experienced debt manager will be able to negotiate reduced settlement amounts with your creditors, and will go through all the effort of setting a professionally drawn up payment schedule for you. This proposed schedule will be used to approach the various creditors (which will also be done on your behalf) and set in place the agreements required in order to receive extended repayment periods and reduced settlement amounts.

Don’t take the risk of simply ignoring your financial difficulties. Chat to a debt counsellor about your options and start working towards gaining control of your financial future today.

Contact Debtcor and discuss their debt management services and fees with them. They are bound to provide you with an effective plan for settling your outstanding debt without delay. 


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