The Difference Between Debt Negotiation And Debt Consolidation


Debt negotiation is a simple process. It entails the negotiating of a reduced settlement amount, with a creditor, for the entire outstanding amount to be settled. Creditors will not negotiate a lesser repayment amount if the consumer only plans to make a monthly minimum payment. Ongoing interest usually makes the final amount paid in, a rather large sum.

Many people confuse debt negotiation with debt consolidation. They are most certainly different although both methods can be used to alleviate financial stresses. Prearranged repayment plans are what you can expect when applying for debt consolidation. This is because of the lower interest rate that has been negotiated on your behalf with the creditor. You will still make a monthly payment to the financial institution that has settled your debt for you.

On the other hand, debt negotiation is somewhat of a full settlement plan. This means that the financial institution you approach for assistance will negotiate a reduced settlement amount for an immediate once off and overall payment. Sometimes their assistance can achieve a rather large discount amount and bring your overall expected payment right down.

In this day and age and with the current economic climate it is common for people to be suffering some sort of financial difficulty. If you feel that you are battling to meet with the expected monthly payments to your various creditors, then it is advised that you seek out debt counselling from a professional and experienced team. Only then can you receive the assistance and guidance required to make an educated decision regarding your financial situation and its future.

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