Seeking The Services Of A Professional Debt Counsellor


When you get yourself into debt the last thing you are going to want to do is broadcast it amongst your family and friends. This is why a debt counsellor is useful. With the help of this type of counsellor you can obtain the assistance you require with the guarantee of the entire situation being treated with discretion and professionalism. What’s more is that you will find yourself gaining a firmer grip on your finances and outstanding debt.

With the assistance of a debt counsellor you can be taught how to budget effectively so as to avoid being handed over or black listed. An experienced and qualified debt counsellor will take the time to sit down with you and go over all your outstanding debts. If you are over indebted, the level or seriousness of this will be evaluated and a suitable proposed repayment scheme drawn up.

It is then the task of your counsellor to advise your creditors that you have applied for credit review and to present them with the proposed plan. Once all your creditors have approved and agreed to the plan, it will be implemented. It is then your duty to ensure that you adhere to the new repayment schedule and that you do not miss a payment.

Of course when you are undergoing debt counselling the credit bureau will be informed and will make a note of this. There is no need to stress about this as you will be certified once all your debt is paid off, which means that you will once more be able to apply for credit or loans.

Approaching an accredited debt counsellor is certainly advised if you find yourself shackled to ever increasing debt. Take the time to think of your financial future and contact Debtcor for more valuable information and advice. Waste no more time – sort out your credit issues today.


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