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What is Debt Review or DEBTCOR Professional Debt Consultants? Debt Review came in to effect in June 2007 with the creation of the National Credit Act (NCA) and National Credit Regulator (NCR). A person is over indebt when after paying for essential living expenses (like food, transport and insurance) there is not sufficient funds available to pay for all the monthly debt or monthly installments on debt.

Any person that is over indebt and that earns an income can apply for Debt Review. Debt Review or DEBTCOR Professional Debt Consultants could be a live saver or live changer to an over indebt consumer.

We can do a credit report for you now to determine your financial status and what is needed to clear your name and ensure a long term good credit record behind your name.

Before June 2007 a creditor would take legal action against any person that falls behind on monthly payments. Today we have Debt Review. Any person who is unable to pay his full monthly debt payments can apply for Debt Review.

DebtCor takes debt counselling to the next level with our hands on client friendly experts, we make sure you can be rest assured your debt problems gets solved, whilst having peace of mind and no more restless nights. So get intouch with DEBTCOR Professional Debt Consultants now!

A Debt Counsellor will be appoint to negotiate on your behalf to creditors for payments that you can afford. This is great, because before you as individual had limited negotiation power with the creditor. Now you have the NCA and a debt counsellor on your side to negotiate affordable payments with the creditor.

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