Making Use Of An Online Debt Calculator


If you would like to gain control of your financial and debt situation then you are going to need vital management tools to use. A debt calculator is in fact one of the tools required to effectively work out your current financial status.

The unfortunate reality is that many people do not have the funds to approach a professional consultant to assist them with working out their financial situation and structure a budget that will provide realistic payment schemes for immediate and future reference.

This is where a debt calculator becomes useful. It can sometimes be an overwhelming task to try accurately work-out the duration of your outstanding payments and interests due on the various credit accounts that you have. You will find numerous free calculators online to use which will tell you what you are paying, how long you can expect to continue paying and also provide a clearer image of how you are doing financially.

A standard debt calculator will require you to input the following details:

  • Monthly salary after compulsory deductions
  • Salary of your spouse (this is usually optional)
  • Monthly expenses including factors such as water and lights, rates and taxes, groceries, fuel, transport, entertainment, school fees and so on.
  • Fixed monthly expenses such as bond repayments, credit card repayments and outstanding loan repayments.


Once all your expenses have been put into the calculator you can submit them and have the results displayed to you. In order to fully grasp the outcome of the results you should chat to a qualified and experienced debt review consultant. Debtcor is a South African team that is dedicated to assisting over indebted individuals to gain control of their finances once more. Contact Debtcor and chat to a consultant about your financial concerns and how their debt calculator and other management tools and services can assist you.

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