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To get your Credit Report please make a payment of R89 to the following account.

Acc name : Debtcor
Bank : Absa
Account no : 4076146876
Branch Code : 632-005
Reference : ITC + your ID

Please email your proof of payment to or fax to  086 583 8329 with your full name, surname and i.d number.

Your report will be mailed straight to you!

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Why Use Our ITC Credit Report System?

Our ITC Credit Reports are accurate and is acording to the NCR regulations and are the most up to date information on any debts you owe or summonses against your name.

  • Are you BROKE?
  • Are you BLACKLISTED?
  • Do you know that you might be BLACKLISTED by the banks or any other merchants?

With a single credit record they can determine whether you get your dream house or not. With a single credit record they can establish if you can get that car you saw at the dealer. And using that same credit record they can determine that you can't even get a cellphone contract.

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